San Jose, CA – intermission

San Nose CA June, Friday 16, 2017 EVENTS OF THE DAY Nothing! Nothing to report. Forget it! I am home Celebrating my son. Oh, yes, you can call him my hero. Spencer graduates from school… wooowho! UC Santa Cruz, PHD Computer Science. About time! Nah, he is a good self enterprising and independent guy. The […]

6/13/17 Anchorage – last day

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 EVENTS OF THE DAY Up by 5:00 – read // 7:00 am buel, clay, no answer // bet they are gone // breakfast // paul – truck // airport // on our own // This day started weird. We were supposed to communicate by 7:00 am, oh surprise, no answer. Neither […]

6/12/17 Anchorage III

Anchorage Alaska Better To Get Lost June 9, 2017 Hopped on a bike and went that way North for the most part then some west Calgary, Fairbanks, Pruhdo Bay So far this ride has been the best In great company, I would say say. Do you want to improve your quest? Define the quest, some […]

Anchorage II – more pictures

Heading nirth to Puhdo Bay assorted pictures I got from Buel – forgive the lack of order, but it was not easy getting him to sign the RELEASE FIR COPYRIGHTS,  he is a tough cookie negotiating and FULL OF IT ALSO!!         NUGGET CITY   Check the door woodwork  Canada!!  Casey Post  […]

6/11/17 Anchorage – day II

Sunday 11, June 2017 Anchorage AK EVENTS OF THE DAY Breakfast next door. // walk to the river //. Catch a fish // Fred Meyers //. Some open market //. Shipping the fish … ice // Paul’s apartment // Alaska museum // planetarium // Paul’s apartment // hungry // Wendy’s // hotel – shower – […]

6/10/17 Buel Wortham

Well he complained that so far no pictures of him.   Here you go, big boy.  No more complainin’. Or you fixin’ keepn that up?                          

6/10/17 Pictures!

arriving to Don Andy Katharine’s hose in Ashland, Oregon  Th e Columbia River, crossing onto Washington Crossing onto Washington a Junction Hwy 14 On hwy 14. The train and the Columbia River behind              we got n w tires for my bike Heidenaus (/spl?) After riding with Don, up at […]

6/10/17 Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage EVENTS OF THE DAY 357 miles, ho hum, yawn. // rained // Denali lunch // airplane ride? //. Let’s blow this taco stand! //. hot chocolate X 2 // bee line to Wasilia…. screech! // Detour… rush hour? No more like rush week! //. Bee lien again on a superhighway to Anchorage // sold […]

6/8/17 Fairbanks Alaska

FAirbanks Alaska June 8, 2017 EVENTS OF THE DAY Coldfoot lazy morning // on the road // great weather… tremendous wind, Grrr! //. Knowing the way – half the battle // the road is broken, but not bad // the three Yamaguchis or three Pedros // Mather nature call // 50 miles and we are […]