7/8/17 Closing the Alaska Journey

Okay citizens, A few statistics for those inclined to keep them: FACTS MILEAGE:  Total mileage 9, 980 miles. DAYS:  May 27, 2017 to July 9, 2017 TIRES:   Tire Changes,  one each for John and myself.  Primary reason, we both had trail tires and we would be doing 90% pavement.  In my case it was absolutely […]

7/8/17 Garnerville NV

July 8, 2017 Garnerville, NV We left Ashland, Oregon by 9:00 am. Ron and John had worked a route full of surprises. None of this 395 south and done! First and unavoidable was highway 5 south to Klamath. We would eat there which turned out not so easy. We had to take an early exit […]

7/7/17 Ashland, OR

July 8, 2017 Ashland Oregon Burns, Oregon. At the Days In Motel. The Motel offered breakfast. I ate, but did not care for it. Everywhere is the same fare, and useless! John went across the street to a Napa Auto to purchase a low-beam light bulb for my motorbike. I guess we will install it […]

7/4 & 7/5 images

  FOURTH of JULY at Coeur D’Alene Idaho   July 5, 2917 Josep, Oregon Getting up is never a problem, getting going, ahhh, this is a difficult issue. Some up and at them very fast, others, well, they need to rev up that engine slowly… very slowly Today we had several things to accomplish before […]

7/6/19 Burns OR

July 6 Up early and ready for the world! Yesterday we had decided to ride Hells Canyon. It looked to us it would be a dirt road and all to the better! Heck yeah! Not scared of eighty mike dirt road, Pudhoe Bay had been 1,000 !! 500 up and then 500 back. What’s a […]

7/4/17 HAPPY Fourth!

July 4th, 2017 HAPPY FOURTH everyone! I sure will ave a good one. We are at Post Falls, Idaho. We are visiting Gary (Beaver) and Arlita (Lee) Daws. They are childhood friends of John, and such good friends. We have several issues for this day. 1. My motorcycle needs a new chain 2. John’s Motircycle […]

7/3/17 Post Fall, Idaho

NOTE: I have been advised, “Alberto, your blogs are way too long, and worse yet… BORING!” 1. Keep the blog to a travel blog. 2. Keep the personal “outa here!” – 3. no one is interested in you, but 4. everyone wishes to learn from your trip. Okay, I will do. Reports hence forth. 1. […]

7/2/16 Pincher Creek, Canada

Pincher Creek, Canada July 1, 2017 From Hinton to Pincher Creek mostly Highway 22 South  It is a three day holiday in Canada. It’s Canada Day! Everywhere people are in a celebratory mood. Flags, parades scheduled, hotels booked sold-out everywhere! Dang! It’s a nuisance. This morning we had to get going before 8:30 am. For […]

6/30/17 Hinton, Canada

June 30, 2017 Hinton, Canada If yesterday From Ft Nelson to Grande Prairie was a massive yawner, today anything would have been an improvement.   Highway 40, proved a pleasant surprise. Highway 40 has sweeping turns, the pavement is better than passable and the ride happens at an average elevation of 3,000 feet rising to 5,000 […]

6/29/17 Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie, Canada Thursday, June 29, 2017   Started the day energetic.  As we advanced from Fort Nelson on Highway 97 it has all the looks of a commercial highway. And it sure was! For  a while, the road was straight as an arrow where the only entertainment was passing the trucks.  Just having to […]