5/27/17 Ashland, OR

SAturday May 27, 2017 Ashland, Oregon The last two days halve been somewhat busy. My youngest son, Austin, graduated from Jr College a major event for me. Which meant, out-dining and carousing until the wee hours of the day, for me that means I was up-and-awake past 9:00 pm and the wee hours of the […]

5/20/17 – Last post before departure

May 22, 2017 Gone in three days – Friday May 26 Last report prior to departure. Alaska, here we come. FRiday, May 26 I’ll be on the road! You’d think I am antsy to get going, yes? Not at all! One thing is certain, probably I will not be able to sleep until Friday morning. […]

3/10/17 San Luis Obispo

The Big Question It had been there all the time:  How will the Kawasaki KLR perform on a long ride?  This needed testing.  So here I go! MOTORCYCLE POWER… what power? The bike was fine for the most part, only once did I have an issue.  Returning from San Luis Obispo there is a fairly […]

3/08/17 – still at home

March 8, 2017 Well… I thought it would be easier. Making web pages and blogging aint that easy.. motorcycling is easy!   This crap, well, do not let me get going.  My vocabulary is not quite gentle. Okay, I am still at home BUSY planing and preparing and testing: The motorbikes – Modifications (center stand, Hand […]

Feb 8, 2017

Alaska – some time May 2017 I have known, John Carlson, my companion for some ten years.  He is mechanically adept, an avid sportsman with a penchant for adventure.  Having worked, hard for many years with the Santa Clara County department of transportation, finally, two years ago, retired.  Keeping busy at who knows what, did […]