6/28/17 Fort Nelson Canada

jynev 28, 2017 Fort Nelson, Canada  Yesterday at Nugget City without being overly luxurious does give a clean place, but at a pretty penny. Still worth the stay. They have a restaurant with a pretty good menu. Dinner and to bed. Decided not to breakfast there but rather head onto Watson Lake to see the […]

6/27/17 Nugget City – Watson Lake

Golden Nugget City Tuesday, June 27, 2917 I woke up at 4:10 am… what! No way, too early. I rolled over and the next thing I knew it was 7:15, but only because John opened the door that squeaked. I was energized and ready to hit the road, not likely though as this is a […]

6/26/17 – Whitehorse Canada

Whitehorse, Canada Monday, June 26, 2017 At last! John is on schedule. Pain is at a minimum and he feels… “it’s time to hit the road!” Thou we got up early, we could not depart right away. We must wait for the pharmacy to open… yes, yes, the pain pills are a must still. Less […]

6/25/17 Dawson City III

June 25, 2017 Dawson City, the Yukon, Canada Yep, final day in Dawson City. The Triple J Hotel, sure proved comfortable. The room we had was double in regular size and with John temporarily unhealthy gave room for him to sleep (which he has done a lot) and me at the other end doing this […]

6/25/17 – special post

Denali Road (Hwy 8)  – Top Of  The World Hwy (US 5 – CA9) Got a request that I should post more images of the road or even the road itself. Well, I had not before thinking that none of you would want that… how mistaken I was! So, here, some “of the road” images […]

6/24/17 – Dawson City II

June 24, 2017 Dawson City I was up quite early. 5:45 am and I am looking for my phone. Great little gadget it is. I was hoping to get yesterday’s story finished and upload the story to the server. Normally, I am very, read that VERY quiet, as I do not like to wake up […]

6/22/17 Dawson City – Yukon

Okay got the names! Art Sawatzky, Peace River Alberta Don Pitt of Balzac, Alberta Dean Schlitz, Peace River Alberta Three most entertaining Canadians we met on the road. Like us, they ride KLR motorcycles, they purchased specifically for this trip… just like John and I! They had past us several times along the highway 1 […]

6/22/17 Tok, Alaska

June 22, 2017 Tok Alaska This morning. Easy and lazy. We know exactly where we are going. Can’t tell what is there, because it is the road what we want. 145 miles of dirt road, Huh? Yes, we are after an adventure in lulu-land. That is highway 8, also known as the Denali Highway, the […]

6/21/17 Denali – Alaska

6/21/17 Denali Alaska  Left Anchorage in a lazy way. We had not chosen a destination nor where to breakfast. Wasilla is 45 miles away “how about we go there and decide?” Fine. The sky, overcast, did not threaten rain but it sure was gloomy and for this Anchorage was heavy on my back, beckoning. I […]

6/19/17 Back in Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska June 19, 2017 EVENTS OF THE DAY Korean Mini Series White Knight // San Jose // flight part I and Part II / Sooyung // that’s it // EVALUATION   Before starting the motorcycle- adventure I had been watching a Korean mini Series Drama. The White Knight. It hardly matters what the drama […]