We both live in California, near San Jose which is about an hour south of San Francisco.  we have been friends for the better part of ten years.  We are both retired, yep, the rat race is ended for both of us… so these two rats will bail out of this local ship.

Alberto Sevilla

Born in Lima Peru. Migrated to the US in 1965.

I came to do university studies. First to the University of Miami, Florida (’65-69)and graduating from Ohio State University with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1972.


Alberto Sevilla

Flower Children, Bob Dylan and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida attempt to shape my life during my college years (1965-1972) leaving a bitter-sweet memory. The university was plagued with peace pretenders and buzz-word compliant copy-cats living a fantasy: To live like a pauper but calling home for money whenever the going got too rough. Bitter-sweet.

1973. I met a blue eyed, blond hair, about 5′-3″ and… very pretty. Peru never had a chance to get me back, and I stayed in the US eventually becoming a citizen in 1983. Now, currently residing in California near San Francisco. Two kids… kids? Well one is 24, not quite a professional student but close (aiming for a PHD) and the other is 18 going to college wanting to become a music teacher (the family charmer).

California. I like it here… and I do not like it here. But then I suppose that such would be the same no matter where I go… so, I adjust and conclude that I like it here.

Prone to philosophizing and to view the world with rose colored glasses. Life has treated me well to the point of attempting all kinds of adventures.

I am a happy guy, no further explanation needed on this.


John Carlson

John Carlson

John Carlson

Well, who  knows, unless he decides who he is… and decides to tell us.  But will he?

We all await some baloney coming from him some time.  Don’t count on that as he at times has an understanding of privacy. Do not let that derail you, he is still a nice guy.

So… stay tuned

Baloney-maker in chief