7/8/17 Closing the Alaska Journey

Okay citizens,

A few statistics for those inclined to keep them:


  • MILEAGE:  Total mileage 9, 980 miles.
  • DAYS:  May 27, 2017 to July 9, 2017
  • TIRES:   Tire Changes,  one each for John and myself.  Primary reason, we both had trail tires and we would be doing 90% pavement.  In my case it was absolutely necessary as my motorcycle started wobbling.  In John’s case, less so, but getting worn out.  The tires we both got were Heidenau.  They are currently at 9,500 miles and possibly capable of an additional couple of thousand more as they still show lots of good thread.  It should be noted that KLR recommends tire pressure in PSA at 21/28 front and back.  We kept the Heidenau tires at 5 PSI higher (26/33 front and back) – suggested by the shop in Ashland, Oregon specializing in KTM motorcycles
  • OIL:  We both had two oil changes at 4,000 miles, KLR manual recommended.
  • CHAIN:  Alberto needed a new chain at 13,000 miles.  Comment:  The road to Pruhdoe Bay, up and down for 1,000 miles was vary hard on the chain.  I lubed the chain… obviously not enough.  I have since been recommended to lube the chain everyday with Motorex Oil of Switzerland a synthetic product.  I did get a Kawaski Chain.  It should be noted that installing the o-rings is hard, very hard.  Not having a chain breaker was definitely a mistake which In will correct.
  • HAND GUARD:  We both still have opur original plastic hand guards.  They are not good enough and they will be changed with something better.

REVIEW ( of needed equipment )

  • vise-grips needle nose pliers
  • Tail pipe plug (to prevent water going in)
  • Tire inner boots
  • Chain & Lube
  • Inner tube patches
  • 17 mm socket for drain plug.  I had one but not long enough for a “low profile plug”


  • John and myself are very compatible, the reason for our journey was to find this out.
  • I could be a little pushier, and John could be a little less accommodating.  I do not think this will change much.

Thank you all for staying with me.

This journey is ended.

Stay tuned for the link to SA, South America, going as close as possible to Antarctica, some time September-October this year, 2017.



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