7/7/17 Ashland, OR

July 8, 2017
Ashland Oregon

Burns, Oregon. At the Days In Motel. The Motel offered breakfast. I ate, but did not care for it. Everywhere is the same fare, and useless!

John went across the street to a Napa Auto to purchase a low-beam light bulb for my motorbike. I guess we will install it ione of these days.

Hit the road . Highway 395 runs north and south mostly on the California eastern sierra. At this, Oregon, northern end it is beautiful! Curvy, mountainous and low traffic. For sixty or so miles then… South-Eastern Oregon presents you with a high-desert environment.

The high desert is not inhospitable, but rather barren. Not much grows other then the brush that produces and gives nothing in return. One word: YEACH!

One hundred miles of this high desert reminded me of Highway 50, in Nevada, dubbed “The loneliest Highwsy of The World”. which I thought I wanted to traverse again… not a chance!!

At the southern end of highway 395, lake Evert or Albert opens up. It seems this Lake is dying. Great sections of the shore are white from a mineral deposit. I do not know the Lake status, but it looked sick.

Twenty mikes south of the Lake is Lakeview Oregon, which has no Lake to view. It was our lunch-break destination. They had a Burger Queen, instead of “king”. We only selected it fir the name, not bad marketing ploy, and not a bad chicken sandwich.

From here, east on Highway 140 which had 40 mph winds enough to scare you, for which we now are better prepared compliments of Idaho… “just lean your body into the wind, to withstand the push”

Later, highway 66 up in the mountains takes us to Ashland. While on this road I am exhausted and my eyes are not focusing… “John, take lead, I am not focusing”. It might have been heat or dehydration, either way, I was in a bit of trouble. As soon as he took over lead, I no longer had to look at the mesmerizing road, focusing instead on john and his bike and not on the road-pavement. Focusing on the bike in front while not the right thing to do, it was better. Thirty five miles later we arrived to Ashland. Ron, Catarina and Toby’ house. Not a moment too soon, I was beat!

We went out for dinner, went home to a play Escoba, a card game from Chile that Toby has brought. Toby now lives in Chile.

I am tired… so good night.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. 7/8/17 1301 hrs. Arrived in Old Station a few ago. You guys are welcome here, should that work with your plans. It’s a good 13 degrees cooler in the Mtns. You might want Hwy 89 for Truckee before decending into the valley. I’m here, 12601 Sugarloaf Ln, Old Station where cool showers and cold beer can be had for a price you can’t beat.

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