7/6/19 Burns OR

July 6

Up early and ready for the world!

Yesterday we had decided to ride Hells Canyon. It looked to us it would be a dirt road and all to the better! Heck yeah! Not scared of eighty mike dirt road, Pudhoe Bay had been 1,000 !! 500 up and then 500 back. What’s a puny eighty miler to us?

But I’m getting ahead of the story. First, where in heck is the road? “Ahh”, the cabin attendant says, “head back 8 miles to Joseph, get gas and at that gas station turn right. Some fourteen miles up, turn right at, blah, blah, blah…)

( in Oregon you are an invalid! Cannot pump your own gas! Stupid.) At the gas station we queried the attendant for the way to Hells Canyon… “up this road and turn right”. Question, ” is the road on reasonable condition?” He replies, “it has been paved”.

What in the world!? I was ready for a rough and tumble, now I get this sissy ride?! Bummer! I’m okay with it. It’s our frame of mind what I am monitoring. The fact that we are willing and ready to go wherever… ahhh, makes me happy.

Hells Canyon. This is a Canyon formed a few million years ago when the Snake river was far bigger with far more water-power than what we see today. Check this, Hells Canyon is THE DEEPEST CANYON IN AMERICA. Deeper than the Grand Canyon. Yep! Over two miles deep.

The ride was very good, but disappointing only because I was prepared for dirt. I know, I’m an idiot. But, that’s how I function. Always prepare fir the worst, and take what comes. Okay, okay. It was a great ride.

After Hells Canyon we went to Baker City where they were having a rally… Hells Canyon Rally, a yearly event. Without trying, John and I had completed the majority of the challenge events. If we pay $50 we get special pins and dinner is free… Whooopeee! No thanks!

Now, back on the road. Highway 27, pretty good winding with lots of forests. We saw a basalt formation… huh? Yes, John had seen it and asked if I knew about it… “nope!” So we made a U-turn and got myself a pretty interesting lesson.

From highway 7 to 395. Yes believe it or not, but the north end of 395 is winding, in between forests and up-n-down. An excellent ride. It took us to the town of Burns.

Just in time ! Motel is filling fast. Secured the place and john suggests the swimming pool. FAT CHANCE! I don’t do that. Push, and push, I agreed. I should not have agreed, now my body temperature is below corpse. I am not happy, and worse i am wet!

Hot shower and I am a new guy… clean to boot !

Dinner next door. Steak house. Yum! (Well kinda, I had pasta and John a salad… neither very meaty!)

Done… good night,

Thank you for reading.


Some images… they are ok, nothing special

THIS IS SPECIAL… Alberto enters water!! NEVER AGAIN!!


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