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FOURTH of JULY at Coeur D’Alene Idaho


July 5, 2917

Josep, Oregon

Getting up is never a problem, getting going, ahhh, this is a difficult issue. Some up and at them very fast, others, well, they need to rev up that engine slowly… very slowly

Today we had several things to accomplish before being in the road by 19:30 am.

1. Need to solder johns blinking light cable. Finally we did get a solder.
2. Must wait for Kawasaki store to open at 9:00 am, call and ask IF they have a chain for my bike
3. Purchase oil
4. Purchase chain lube

The soldering went without a hitch. These guys are magnificent mechanics.

The Kawasaki store. Here you have bad publicity. I believe travelers should be accommodated. By phone,  this guys said ” I can fit you in… next week to week-and-a half.” Ouch!! Okay, do you have the chain? … holding the stupid phone for five minutes … later. “Yes we do, only one left”. Save it please we are coming!

When I get to the Kawasaki store, the guy had taken off without telling anyone where he had put the ONLY chain he had for my bike! Half hour later the other parts-guy found the chain.

I could not get furious, after all they were the only game in town, or go to Spokane same twenty miles away… tempting, very tempting! And tell these people where to shove it!

Also they did not have a chain breaker… hmmm, this will be interesting.

We were at Gary’s shop. He gets a grinder and goes at it. A few minutes later the chain is off. On with the new one. You’d think, slap it on, and on you go. No, no, no!

The new chain is much longer. Had to be cut. Assembling the new chain with fancy “o” rings, and master link. Not a cakewalk.  We were successful finishing about 1:45 in the afternoon!

Early departure?…. Not likely!!

But, on the road to Joseph. Only 200 miles away. Not fat, but on the road.

highway 129 is a dream of a road.  High, winding and solitary.  Here, John’s bike was getting a bit wobbly but he said “the problem may not be the bike , but what’s between my ears”.  Soon we passed the Canyon after descending 3000 feet and climbing it again.  John scores a bird… whack! The poor thing hits his bike, flies five feet and calls it quits… time to meet God.  We stopped for inspecting the bike and john decides on a little maintenance to take care of the wobbling.  Lift the “sag” of the bike as he had done to mine before.  Right in mid-performance while pressing the bolt, he pressed the entire motorcycle sideways, yep, that puppy went down.  “Maybe I should throw the motorcycle down the Canyon!!”  Not his best Day.  But, no harm done.  We were back on the road with more confidence and ride well.

Joseph, Oregon.  We wanted to only go this far and attempt Hells Canyon a 75 mile dirt road. Just to make sure if something goes wrong, we would have the rest of the day to correct it.

We arrived to Joseph by 8:00 pm. Dinner and to bed!

Thank you for reading


A bit of chain and oil changing

And I  may add… change the chain WITHOUT a Chain Breaker!  It can be interesting!!

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