7/4/17 HAPPY Fourth!

July 4th, 2017

HAPPY FOURTH everyone!

I sure will ave a good one. We are at Post Falls, Idaho. We are visiting

John and Gary... buddies forever

John and Gary… buddies forever

Gary (Beaver) and Arlita (Lee) Daws. They are childhood friends of John, and such good friends.

We have several issues for this day.

1. My motorcycle needs a new chain
2. John’s Motircycle has a blinker kaput
3. We both need an oil change
4. Gary has a 36 ft yacht
5. 4th of July BBQ

A few days ago, in Tok, Alaska we tighten my chain. It really needed it then. I had been warned, “be sure to check it in a day or two”. I did, and boy did it needed tightening again! This time Alberto did the job. I was proud of it. Yesterday, Gary (who is a boat mechanic and knowledgeable on motorcycles) tell me, “Alberto, better do something about that chain”. What!? Right there and then, went to the bike and sure thing… that thing has three to four inches play more than it should be. You bet, I will not ride anywhere on that chain.

Today, the Fourth of July, everything is closed. We will do all bike services tomorrow, chain, oil and light. Today we shall focus on important matters that can be completed: breakfast, a yacht ride in Coeur d’Alene Lake which has over a hundred miles of shoreline and a BBQ tonight.

A breakfast us just that, so no comments on that. The yacht, ahh well here is something else.

We cruised up the Coeur D’Alene river fir a while admiring the architecture at the shore. Surprising it was to learn that many famous sports people, Hollywood, etc have a place in this lake. Coeur D’Alene and Post Falls are practically one community sharing the Lake.

The lake has a floating restaurant for ordering the basics… ice cream!. Ahhh…

After some hours, it was time to head home. The day was getting hot, easily 90°F, and you get zoned out from the heat and the rocking of the yacht.

Once home, Did I pass out? I think I did, but can’t recall. But apparently snoring can be a tell tale.

BBQ time. More important, fireworks! Fireworks while dining at home. Holly smokes, everybody, everywhere the fireworks started over two hours ago and I am being told this thing will go on until midnight… NON STOP! Then there is the official fireworks sponsored by the city. We will not go there, supposedly it is a mob-scene and a zoo! No need, we can see fireworks all around us. Idaho is very, very patriotic!

Tomorrow we shall take care of the bikes. We also plan to be on the road… do not know how far, depending on the time she our bikes are ready. Hmmm half day ride at least.

Thank you for reading


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